Enna: Necropolis of Realmese

Enna: Necropolis of Realmese

On leaving Calascibetta, follow the 290 main road, for little more than one kilometer, and you will see signs for “Realmese”, a necropolis dating from between the 10th and the 6th centuries BC.

Driving a few kilometers farther on and then a few meters on foot, pass by the dismissed stone quarry and you will come to the necropolis, easily recognizable by the many openings dug into the rocky mountainside. With silence as an accomplice, broken only by birds chirping and the the wind blowing, about three hundred kiln tombs, though preserving no signs of their past use, still leave one fascinated.

A little further on from Realmese, is another necropolis, that of Malpasso, dating back to 2000 BC and made up of five burial caves.

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