Experiencing the Heart and Soul of Sicily

Isola dei conigli - Lampedusa
Isola dei conigli – Lampedusa

Staying in villas in Sicily is the best way to discover the true soul of the Mediterranean island. The al fresco dining experience is truly unforgettable.

There are many reasons why villas in Sicily are a popular choice for holiday-hunters from around the world. The beautiful beaches, warm weather and even warmer locals are all best experienced from the luxurious comfort of your own villa.

Renting your own private villa also adds a secret ingredient that helps make the whole Sicilian experience truly unforgettable – al fresco dining. Simply put, al fresco dining is eating in the great outdoors. It’s all about gathering together as a group and having a casual, festive experience while eating – and it’s the Italian way.

So how exactly does al fresco dining play such a pivotal role when it comes to renting villas in Sicily? Here are some of the more notable reasons.

Amazing Views

Wonderful vistas are the primary selling point of Sicilian villas, whether situated within a cloistered grove of trees or on top of a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea. Now imagine having breakfast, lunch and dinner with these wonderful views every single day of your vacation. That’s something that you won’t easily forget, and will probably fuel your imagination enough to make the experience a regular occurrence – as so many do.

Warm, Comforting Climate

The tropical climate of the island is why many people choose to book villas in Sicily in the first place – especially during the summer months. Of course, this makes the al fresco experience such pleasant one. This is especially true when there is a mild breeze – the warm embrace of the Sicilian sun coupled with the refreshing breeze definitely enhances al fresco dining.

Clean, Refreshed Palette

Speaking of refreshed, another reason why al fresco dining is such a hit here is because of how clean the air is. Air conditioning is great for quickly cooling off, but there’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh, unfettered air to enhance your appetite and makes the food taste just that little bit better.

Casual, Relaxed Mood

The great thing about renting villas in Sicily is that you have the whole place to yourself and don’t need to worry about rubbing shoulders with any other guests. You can literally lounge about your villa for hours at a time and enjoy meals at your own pace. You can sit down, chat to your heart’s content and stare out into the distance as long as you want – this relaxed mood definitely works wonders for the digestion.

A Private, Intimate Experience

One last thing: you won’t need to worry about crowds of other people ruining your dining experience. You can laugh and chatter to your heart’s content or you can quietly enjoy the calm and quiet of your patio. You can light up a cigarette or enjoy a drink without worriesBusiness Management Articles, and you can dress up to commemorate a special event or simply lounge about in your most comfy ripped shirt – the choice of how you dine al fresco is yours.

Keep these points in mind and you’ll understand just how al fresco dining plays such a pivotal role when it comes to the memories made in those villas in Sicily.

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