Exploring the Art, Film and Architecture of Sicily


In Sicily, villas may be challenging to get, but once you’ve booked, here are the places you must check out immediately.

The wonderful thing about the Italian island of Sicily is the fact that it is not as popular (and heavily crawling with tourists) as other destinations in the country. In Sicily, villas will not only allow you to save money, they will also give you the freedom to fully explore all the interesting sites of the island. The following are just some of the places that you should check out while there.

Visit the ‘Godfather’ Set Locations

Avid fans of Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Godfather’ trilogy may find it thrilling to take the opportunity to visit the places where the films were shot. Corleone, where the Corleone family supposedly came from, is not particularly interesting, as the actual town does not really meet one’s expectations of a place that spawned the likes of Don Vito; however, you’ll not be disappointed with a visit to Forza D’Agro and Savoca, both close to the lovely (but touristy) city of Taormina. If you’re staying in Sicily, villas within access of Forza D’Agro and Savoca will give you a great base from which to explore. The towns themselves have an eerie (in a good way) feel and the ability to transport you to the past. The Bar Vitelli (which was featured in the first Godfather film) still looks every inch like it did back in the 1970s. Forza D’Agro’s famous cemetery is located on top of a very dominating hill, and makes for a fascinating exploration even for those who have not seen the Godfather films.

Jaw-dropping Art

The island’s cache of art and architecture is simply jaw dropping. In fact, in Sicily, villas to rent may even bear the best features of Baroque architecture, with intricately designed furniture and artistic works adorning the interiors. The art of the island is not concentrated on any one single place, and you will find the finest specimens of Baroque art and architecture throughout everywhere from Palermo to Catania.

Legacy from Greece

Due of its considerable Greek influence, in Sicily, villas may sometimes have a somewhat Greek appearance. In fact, on this Italian island you’ll find some of the best Greek temples this side of Athens. Many of the temples have undergone restoration, but the ones in what is known as “the Valley of the Temples”, in Agrigento, are mostly still standing on their own thousands of years’ old strength. These Greek temple sites also often have their own original theaters, such as the one found in Siracusa. The largest, most breath-taking examples can be found in the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, located in the southwest coast of the island. Selinunte is similar to Pompeii, although it is much more weathered, having none of the preservation assistance Pompeii received from having been buried under several meters of volcanic ash. OverallFree Web Content, the Greek cities and temples offer an unforgettable experience for lovers of history.

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