Messina: Peloritani Mountains


The mountain chain called the Peloritani, that surrounds Messina, offers beautiful scenery and a ridge from which two seas may be seen, and culminates in the Rocca Salvateste area at the mountain peak of Novara and continues into a small plain at the summit of Monte Scuderi and finally end at the summit of Dinnamare, the nearest city.

A pleasant and inexpensive excursion

There are many different itineraries on the Peloritani. One of the most inexpensive and breathtaking excursions, which can be done little by little or without stops is easily accessible by a two hour bus trip that leaves from the city and begins in “Masse“.


The visibility from the bus is better than from a car for obvious season, the bus being talker then a car. I every season this itinerary, offers an extraordinary scenery. In springtime, the citrus trees may even still have fruit on them as well as flowers that inebriate with their delicate scent called “zagara” or the orange flower.

There is an alternating of arid mountains, green valleys, rock-filled streams surrounded by Spanish broon, flowered prairies, cultivated fields and noisy tweeds. There is a view of two seas: the Ionio and the Tirrenean divided by the steep mountain ridge of the Peloritani.

Towards the South, past Dinnamare, if one takes a road not to far off the main road of Castanea, the snowy peaks of Etna can be seen , at the extreme northern point, there is a lighthouse that faces the strait of Messina, and directly at its side, as if two lucid eyes tie the two lakes, the Faro and the Ganzirri.

From the hilltops, to the west has Capo Milazzo while in front the Tirrenean sea with its dark Aeolian Islands. Returning  towards the City, the great Aspromonte closes in on this magnificent scenery, while to the South lies the infinite Ionic sea.

Where to stay in Messina

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