Santa Venerina – A Hidden Gem for Villas in Sicily

Santa Venerina
Santa Venerina

If you’re on the lookout to rent villas in Sicily, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for ones located near the quint municipality of Santa Venerina.

Booking one of the delightful villas in Sicily is the best way to immerse in the true heart and soul of this wonderful Italian island in the Mediterranean. What better way could there be to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life than to spend a week or two exploring the sunny shores and lush hillsides of Sicily?

Santa Venerina is a hidden gem of a commune, or municipality, when it comes to renting villas in Sicily. If you are within easy reach of this region here are some of the most noteworthy reasons.

Refreshing Solitude and Relaxing Comfort

The commune’s tranquil soul is the first and foremost reason Santa Venerina has a thriving community of villas available for tourists to rent. Santa Venerina strikes the perfect balance between calming isolation and comfortable accommodation. Not only are the villas themselves spacious and well-facilitated, but the people in the community itself are warm and appreciative of visitors to their humble little town. Aside from lounging in a quiet corner of your villa, you could take a stroll over to the local piazza to have breakfast in one of the local cafes without having to contend with a crush of other tourists or locals rushing to work.

Scenic Trails with Far-Reaching Views

A wonderful view is one of the main draws of any of the villas in Sicily, and Santa Venerina is no exception. Linera in Santa Venerina is a prime example. The frazioni
(hamlet) has wonderful views, not just of the Ionian Sea but of the island’s famous Mount Etna as well. Many a villa takes advantage of this fact, as they are often built on hilltops with the best vantage points of the major sights of the area. The best part here, however, is the many walking and biking trails that network the region. These trails pass through the countryside’s many vineyards, orchards and plantations – adding greatly to the experience. You can even sign up for a wine-tasting tour in some of the vineyards you pass.

Easy Access to Other Sicilian Hotspots

You probably won’t spend your entire holiday holed up inside your villas in Sicily, which is why it is vital that you should choose somewhere within reasonable driving distance of local tourist attractions. Santa Venerina fits the bill there, too. The major tourist destination of Catania is just 20 kilometres southwest of the commune and a ten-minute drive from other major municipalities like Acireale, which is famous for its many basilicas, and Giarre, which is well known for its ghostly abandoned public projects. The beaches of Santa Tecla and Marina di Cottone are within minutes of Santa Venerina as well.

The commune has quite a few attractions of its own as well, most notably the Piazza Roma. The shops lining the square sell a wide variety of local delicacies, from cakes and almond biscuits to limoncello and grappa wines.

Keep all these in mind, and you will understand just how Santa Venerina has become a hidden gem for villas in Sicily – active enough to make your visit to the island unforgettableFree Web Content, but secluded enough to enjoy at your own pace.

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