The typical dishes of Ragusa in Sicily


Sicily in well-known also for its cuisine, which is very interesting and varied in all of its cities. Here are some information about the cuisine of the city of Ragusa.

If you visit Ragusa you must try some of the typical dishes of the city. Like all the other Sicilian cities, indeed, also Ragusa can offer many interesting and tasty dishes to tourists, dishes that are characterized by special peculiarities that distinguish this cuisine from all the other ones making it unique.

Dealing with the cuisine of Ragusa we must say, first of all, that the city is among the first thirty Italian cities in the chart of high quality food and wine, and it is also the Sicilian city that has the greatest number of local products safeguarded by the European Union. This is certainly a clear and irrefutable evidence of the richness and quality of the cuisine of Ragusa. Other evidences are given by the writings of some famous writers and poets that for centuries have celebrated the typical products of the city: Shakespeare, but also many other poets, praised the Hyblaean honey, while Cato wrote about the cuisine of Ragusa, focusing on “cassateddi”, a typical cake made of ricotta cheese and cinnamon.

If we were to describe the cuisine of Ragusa in few words, we could say that this is a tasty but simple cuisine, originating in the world of peasants. The dishes that you can eat in Ragusa and its surroundings are therefore very substantial but are presented in a simple way, with no useless ornaments. Another peculiarity of the cuisine of this part of Sicily, which distinguishes it from other parts of the region, is that it does not include many fish dishes. One of the main feature of the cuisine of Ragusa is corn, but there are also many interesting meat and legume dishes and different types of cheese. As far as cheese is concerned, we must speak about the “caciocavallo ragusano”, a cheese with the protected geographical status that is well-known not only in Italy but also abroad.

If you happen to enter a restaurant of Ragusa, here are some dishes that you might want to try: you might begin with a starter, and in this case you can try “scaccia”, a special type of flat bread stuffed with ricotta cheese and onions, sausage, tomatoes or eggplants. Then the first course: a typical first course of Ragusa is “macco”, a bean soup that is believed to have a very ancient origin, but you can also try “cavati” (a special type of pasta) or ravioli with pork meat sauce. Pork meat is also used in some main courses, like aspic, sausages and stuffed chops , but if you want to try also other types of dishes you can try “pattuisa rabbit” or stuffed hen. Last but not least, here are some typical desserts: “biancomangiare”, a sort of pudding made of milk and almonds which was known also in the Middle Ages, “mucatoli” (biscuits stuffed with dried fruits), almond biscuits, ricotta cannoli, mandarin cake. And remember to try the chocolate of Modica, which is well-known all over the world!

To sum up, visiting Ragusa might be very interesting not only for the monuments and beautiful landscapes of the regionComputer Technology Articles, but also for the tasty typical dishes that will make you fall in love with this city!

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