Top 3 Places to Visit in Sicily

Lipari - Photo © Sossio
Lipari – Photo © Sossio

It’s difficult not to want to see everything in Sicily. Villas, churches, ruins, the quaint markets and cafes that line small towns all have a unique appeal.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and it can be a little overwhelming to plan a holiday that allows you see the very best that this wonderful destination has to offer.

But while others may limit their tour to seeing the grandeur of Sicily villas, cathedrals and other historical buildings, the best way to get to know the island is to discover all her many facets. The lively markets, the fantastic beaches and landscapes, and the important archaeological sites make this a truly amazing tourist destination, so visitors who want to experience a bit of everything should start with the following sites.

Historical Markets in Palermo

Nothing reveals the authenticity of the island more than the local markets, especially in Palermo, where fresh produce, pastries, breads, cheeses and local crafts abound. When on a holiday to Sicily, villas within easy access of Palermo will enable you to explore in details this wonderfully refreshing city. Stroll around Il Capo, one of Palermo’s busiest markets, and the sheer diversity of products and lively atmosphere will make even first-time visitors feel at home instantly. The historical market of Il Capo is best visited during early mornings.

Ancient City of Agrigento

The island is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and you should not miss a visit to Agrigento, a fascinating city featuring ancient Greek architecture. It’s a place where the fusion of Italian and Greek influences can be seen and explored in detail. The Valle dei Templi and the Scala dei Turchi are important landmarks in Agrigento, with the former being one of Italy’s primary national monuments, and the latter an equally famous ancient icon. One of the most visited towns in Sicily, villas near Agrigento will set you in the heart of a deeply historical region. The city’s heritage shows in the classical architecture, ancient buildings and other structures known for their archaeological legacy. There are also ruins of Greek temples scattered throughout the city.

Brilliant Beaches in the Aeolian Islands

When staying in Sicily, villas rented in the summer naturally place you within reach of the island’s glorious beaches. The Aeolian Islands, located in the north of the island, are a must-see place to visit. As a product of over 200,000 years of volcanic activities, the islands that make up the archipelago are now a popular tourist attraction. But apart from the spectacular waters surrounding the Aeolian Islands, they also boast a number of caves and rugged cliffs – this amazing landscape is truly breath-taking. The buildings and houses throughout the islands bear a distinct architecture that sets them apart from the rest of the islandArticle Submission, and the whitewashed houses perfectly complement the picturesque million-dollar view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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