Top Destinations in Sicily for a Romantic Getaway

Syracuse - Castello Maniace
Syracuse – Castello Maniace

From modern Italian villas to Greek ruins that are thousands of years old, Sicily cannot fail to bring out the best in a romantic getaway.

In part, Sicily owes its vast, diverse beauty to its sheer size – it is, after all, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. But while it can so rightly boast of its historical Italian villas, its ancient Greek ruins, and the unmatched beauty of its lovely beaches, the island still has a lot more up its sleeve to make tourists fall in love with the place. For couples looking to plan a romantic getaway in Sicily, there are numerous options – depending on what they qualify as romantic – from the rustic Palermo markets to the magnificent views of the Mediterranean Coast.

The Unexploited Western Region

One of the things Sicily is known for is its excellent wine. While there are many places around the island to sample the wide variety of wine, a great destination to start is in the western part of the island. Couples who dabble in wine appreciation will fall in love with the region, which is dotted with gorgeous hilltop vineyards. Marsala, which is located in the westernmost part of Sicily, is a must-visit stop for those interested in enjoying a taste of the famous high quality wine. But apart from its wine products, Western Sicily is considered a treasure in itself because of its lovely villages, picturesque mountain scenery, Italian villas and the ruins of Segesta and Selinunte. For those who favour a more relaxed holiday far from the madding crowds, this region is perfect.

The Southeast – A Tourist Favorite

On the other hand, romantic couples who want to soak in the local culture of the island, be amongst a vibrant lively crowd, and see the island’s most visited attractions will have the time of their lives in Southeast Sicily, where Syracuse is located. Luxurious modern Italian villas sit comfortably side by side the beautiful Baroque towns of Noto and Modica, which are abuzz with thronging piazzas and a lively social scene. It is a joy to explore this part of the island, where old and new fuse in perfect harmony.

The Scenic Mediterranean Coast

So we’ve covered a region for those looking for a low-key holiday, along with one perfect for those visitors who want to surround themselves with fun and entertainment, but there are also numerous parts of Sicily for those who want to simply drink in the island’s expansive beauty. Staying in one of the stunning Italian villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, visiting the Valley of the Temples ruins, exploring Agrigento’s world-famous Greek ruins, swimming at the beaches in Riserva Naturale Torre Salsa, or hiking the rocky cliff in Scala dei Turchi are just a handful of the many choices. Perhaps one of the most diverse coastal destinations, though, is the commune of Favara, home to the Farm Cultural Park, which is a melting pot of innovativeFree Web Content, artistic projects with spectacular views to match.

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