Tango in Georgia – Tango and Caucasus Mountains

Tango in Georgia

Tango in Georgia

OJOS NEGROS Tango Weekend in Kazbegi is a non-profit event organized by Anna and Waldemar for their present and future tango friends.

Tango in Georgia
Kazbek Mountain

Located on the northern slopes of the mighty Caucasus Mountains, Stephantsminda (also called Kazgebi) is the capital of Georgia’s Kazbegi region. The gorgeous little town with breathtakingly beautiful views on Kazbek Mountain (or Mkinvartsveri; 5,047 meters above sea level) and the 14th century Gergety Trinity Church is just 2,5 hours away from Tbilisi.

For your first impression, check out the eye-catching photograph taken from our venue – a designed hotel Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. This beautiful place is where we would like to invite everyone who shares our passion for dancing and traveling. 

The village of Stepantsminda is one of the major touristic destinations in Georgia. It’s called also Kazbegi. There are a variety of options for accommodation, apart from the luxurious Rooms Hotel. You can find a bunch of guesthouses and mid-range hotels with affordable prices (starting from 5-10 EUR per night) on Airbnb, Booking.com, Google, or Tripadvisor. When you book your accommodation choose one not too far from the venue as the village extends on a significant slope.

Enrico brings to you this web page, he has the website tango-dancers.com where you can find ALL the books, DVDs, CDs, mp3s available in the entire world on the subject of tango.

Tango in Georgia

Kazbegi – Stepantsminda

Ojos Negros 2020 – 3rd edition Friday, October 2, 2020 at 6:00 PM UTC+04
Rooms Hotels (Kazbegi) Tango Weekend


In Tbilisi there are four tango schools. They have regular milongas and tango festivals

Tbilisi Tango CommunityTbilisi, Georgia

Tiflis Tango Festival Festival

Tbilisi Tango Weekend 2020 winter edition
– Jan 31 at 9 PM – Feb 3 at 3 AM UTC+04

Tbilisi Tango Teachers: Cecilia Acosta & Levan Gomelauri, and Mariam Rossa

Tango Academy Tbilisi Tango teachers Julio Saavedra & Tekla Gogrichiani

School of Argentine tango in Tbilisi teacher Mariana Fernandez

Tango Academy (official) Iakof shonsky

Milongas in Georgia
– from Milongas-in.com – not ALL of them, but at least reliable info

HOME – A thank you for Mariam Rossa, tango teacher in Tblisi, she provided the information.