Tango in Israel – Dancing among three religions.

Tango in Israel

Tango in Israel is widespread and very well organized. They imported the software for their Isra Tango Community Guide from the San Francisco Bay Area. The event organizers keep it updated directly, you can rely on the information there.

The Resources link at the top right corner gives you access to a wealth of additional information on all aspects of tango, both local and global.
Some, if not much, of this information is old and unreliable.

Enrico brings to you this web page, he has the website tango-dancers.com where you can find ALL the books, DVDs, CDs, mp3s available in the entire world on the subject of tango.

Where to dance the tango in Israel

Isra Tango Community Guide
– Events all over Israel – kept current by the organizers themselves.

Milongas in Israel
– from Milongas-in.com – not ALL of them, but at least reliable info


KanTango Quartet

IsraTango is a free community calendar for Argentine tango dancers to find information about milongas, classes, and related events in Israel. You can find everything in one place instead of rummaging through dozens of websites, email lists, and fliers! Because this is a community site, anyone can post events, and all updates are published instantly!

The software behind this site is based on TangoMango.org, courtesy of David Hundsness, and adapted by Oded Comay. The site is operated by community volunteers.

It takes two to Tango, in Israel

By Amy Albertson

it’s always better when we’re together

Yes, the rumors are true. Many Masa Israel participants meet their significant others during their programs. It makes perfect sense—you’re both in Israel for a long-term experience, you’re meeting tons of new people, and discovering lots of new things about yourselves, this country, and life.

But for Argentinian couple, Kevin Rotenberg and Zaira Nahir, the order was a little bit different. After hearing from friends about Masa Israel programs these Buenos Aires natives decided that they wanted to eventually come to Israel together. Why? For three big reasons: First to see how it would be to live together, second to gain professional experience that is hard to get in Argentina, and lastly because they wanted to return to this country that they both feel so connected to.