Torresani allo spiedo


– 4 terraioli pigeons (also known as “TORESANI”)
– Lard in large slices – 120 g
– Extra virgin olive oil – q.b.
– Juniper berry – 10
– Bay leaf – 2 leaves
– Rosemary – a sprig
– Salt and pepper – q.b.

How to make the pigeons on the spit:

Preparation plucking pigeons, flame it to remove the hair, clean the entrails, wash well and dry them.

Grind in a mortar juniper berries and two bay leaves, put the mixture into a shallow dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper and add plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

Mix, dip the sprig of rosemary and brush with this whole pigeons. Then wrap them in slices of bacon, with a white thread to tie them, putting them on the spit and after ½ hour of cooking to start a brush with the remaining mixture prepared with oil.

After 40 total minutes of cooking, remove the pigeons, remove the wire and served with grilled polenta.

Serves 4

Regional recipe from Veneto

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