Altopiano di Pine’

Piramidi di Segonzano
Piramidi di Segonzano – Photo G Panfili

Colorful terraces with vines lead into beautiful landscapes, biotopes and nature reserves. The unique Segonzano pyramids are of particular interest.

The Altopiano di Pine’, situated at an altitude of more or less 900 meters, extends parallelly to Valle dei Mocheni (to the east) and Valle di Cembra (to the west) valleys with which it forms one tourist district. The Pine’ setting features some lakes including two particularly large ones, Lago di Serraia and Lago delle Piazze.

In the Altopiano di Pine’ fields and woods cover the tableland, where there are some wetlands and peat bogs.

Castello di Segonzano -
Castello di Segonzano – Photo S Parrini

Valle di Cembra is deep and narrow having been scoured by the Avisio river. However the valley owes its unique appearance to the terraces made on the steep sunny slopes descending to the Avisio river.

These terraces are cultivated with grapevines which produce excellent wines and grappas. The Valle di Cembra also features one of the most original geologic formations in Trentino: the Segonzano pyramids. These earth pinnacles, some tens of meters high (some with a huge stone on the top), are the result of the erosion of the mountain sides.

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