Andalo – Fai della Paganella

Brenta Group from Paganella - Photo © vikingski
Brenta Group from Paganella – Photo © vikingski

Paganella is a historical ski resort that witnessed the long descents down the woods by the first ski pioneers from Dosso Larici to Fai della Paganella as early as in the first decades of the 20th Century, whereas, in the 1950s, it was visited by downhill ski champions competing in the legendary “3-Tre” race.

Nowadays Andalo and Fai della Paganella are two modern ski resorts boasting top-class facilities serving a continuously evolving ski area that offers some of the most enchanting views and landscapes of the whole region.


The Paganella plateau, with its three resorts (Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella) – set amongst a natural environment of unparalleled beauty, including the Brenta Dolomites, the Paganella massifs and Monte Fausior – at only 18 km from the S. Michele all’Adige motorway exit, has traditionally been an ideal site for a winter holiday.

Snow offers

The Paganella ski area has modern ski lifts, fully connected, with an hourly capacity of 26.000 people: two detachable eight-seat cabin, for detachable chair-lift quadruple, while the remaining chair-lifts are for 2 till 4 people.

One ski-lift in one of the 4 practicing area for beginners.

Val d'Adige from Paganella - Photo © pozzigia
Val d’Adige from Paganella – Photo © pozzigia

The Paganella ski area is able to meet the requirement of every kind of skier thanks to our ski-practice- areas, to the easy and middle difficult slopes and to the slopes for expert skiers.

The snow-making coverage grants full skiable slopes from December to of the end season with the snow programme present on the 95% of the ski area, and professional in preparing ski slope thanks to the professionalism.

Trento from Fai della Paganella - Photo © pepesaa
Trento from Fai della Paganella – Photo © pepesaa


Non skiers, and above all children, will have some fun as well thanks to the MiniClub’s entertainment program. Snowboard, ski carving and telemark can be practiced with the support of especially skilled ski instructors. Cross-country ski enthusiasts will enjoy 12 km trails overall, including a 3 km long lighted trail with artificial snow-making facilities. Hiking routes in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. A varied after ski program for everyone and a choice of winter entertainment events to everyone’s taste.


Some 15.000 accommodations are available in hotels, apartment hotels, private apartments and camping sites. The sports offering is topped by a wide array of facilities, including: indoor swimming pools, an indoor ice skating arena, a winter horseback riding center, snowmobile rental facilities.
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