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Kaeseknoedel Dreizinnen

Two cultures one menu

The cuisine of Bolzano has benefited from the strategic position of the city for an exchange of flavors: on one hand, solid genuine country cooking; on the other hand, flavors of the Mediterranean sun.

If it is true that “you are what you eat”, then the local cuisine confirms the richness of juxtaposition of different cultural traditions.

Italian fare abounds on the menu in Bolzano. At the same time hearty Tyrolean cuisine is abundantly available.

Lebenberg – Photo

Wine country

Wine-growing in the area of Bolzano dates back to prehistoric times. The Roman were the first visitors we know to appreciate the local wines. The tradition continues to this days, with vine-yards throughout the city and covering all the slopes above.

Wine from Bolzano have recently gained widespread international appeal: The St. magdalena and the Lagrein (both Dukel or Kretzer) have made the city to the third largest producer of South Tyrol.

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Where to stay in Bolzano

There are high quality hotels, apartments, villas and guesthouses available, check them out and make a reservation here.