Bolzano surroundings: Discover, experience, enjoy… the South Tyrolean wine road

Tramin wine road

Vineyards as far as your eyes can see:
It is no coincidence that the South Tyrol Wine Road along South Tyrol’s southernmost peak has this name: ample vineyards in the valley and over the slopes are your faithful companions along this panoramic road. For centuries these vines have drawn their juice from the depths of the earth. About two thirds of South Tyrol’s wine production comes from this area.

The 15 municipalities of the South Tyrol Wine Road – Nals, Andrian, Terlan, Bozen, Eppan, Kaltern, Tramin, Kurtatsch, Margreid, Kurtinig, Salurn, Auer, Neumarkt, Montan, Pfatten – offer much, much more: historical monuments, estates and wine cellars and quaint flea markets.

Vineries in wintertime

The vineyards mark not only the landscape, but also the lives of the people that live here: warm-hearted, hospitable and jovial. A gentle breeze of the southern joy of life. Hard-working and devoted to the beautiful things of everyday life. A glass of wine, a snack in the wine cellar, a party with friends. Traces of a race of jovial people.

Ceaselessly the ancient wheel turns: the enchanting landscape changes its colors and yields its gifts. Fine wines require not just care, but also love. From year to year.

An irresistible invitation to go on a journey south.

Lago di Caldaro

Welcome to the South Tyrol Wine Road!

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