Bolzano surroundings Ritten – Renon – The sunny side of South Tyrol introduces itself!

Ritten - Renon - Photo © xenonb.
Ritten – Renon – Photo © xenonb.

Between the Talvera in the west, the Alpi Sarentine in the north an the Isarco in the east on a height of 1000 – 1300 m rises the sun terrace of South Tyrol’s capital: the Renon.

Ritten train in summer

This sunny mountain offers 360 degrees vacations. All around in nature, culture and the possibility for the practice of all possible kinds of sport. It should surprise no one that, with all the natural beauty, the merchants and patricians of Bolzano chose the Renon as their summer resort many years ago.

Renon train - Photo © gianmy57
Renon train – Photo © gianmy57

Besides, our guests visit the world-well known earth pyramids, drive with the Renon-Train, visit the “Plattner bee museum” and meet in the autumn for “Toerggelen”. Whoever is interested in art and culture will be offered a lot on the Renon. That begins already with the churches, to which the more than 30 Churches and chapels bear witness.
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Recommended hotels and restaurants (we visited them…):
Turmbach Appiano sulla strada del Vino – Eppan an der Weinestrasse
Schoenblink-Belvedere San Genesio Atesino – Jenesien

Where to stay in Ritten – Renon

There are high quality hotels, apartments, farm stays and condo hotels available, check them out and make a reservation here.