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Bolzano surroundings - Going to San Genesio
Going to San Genesio – Photo © mimivk

Meadows, woods, and walks at San Genesio

San Genesio is like Bolzano’s younger sister, living in the mountains, 800 meters higher up, surrounded by fertile meadows and protected by thick woods.

San Genesio is connected to Bolzano in two ways: a convenient cable-car and a panoramic road. In either case, the trip only takes about 10 minutes: try it to believe it!

Bolzano surroundings San Genesio
A view on the Dolomites from San Genesio

Mother nature has been particularly generous with this idyllic holiday resort, endowing it with a climate that allows the Alpine flora to explode in all its most spectacular colors and shapes.

San Genesio is also considered the cradle of the “Avelignese” race, the gentle horses with the soft blonde mane which are the ideal means of transport for getting to know the beautiful rolling hillside of the Salto plateau.
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A romantic trip into the Sarentino valley

Perfect idyllic rural bliss and pristine nature are expressions often found in brochures, though in the picture-book Sarentino valley they become reality. Relax and forget the chaos and stress of modern life in this valley where time seems to have stood still, where tradition and ties to cultural roots can be experienced daily at first hand.

Bolzano surroundings Sarntal - Sarentino valley
Sarntal – Sarentino valley

The Alpi Sarentine with their good 140 peaks encloses the small valley villages and hamlets in the form of a horseshoe. The valley can be reached either from Bolzano along a narrow gorge of from the north from Vipiteno across the Passo Pennes pass (2211 m – 7554 ft.). The pass is open from May to the end of November.

The first impression is of a secluded valley, protected by the porphyry rock gorge, which eventually opens to reveal lush green mountainside meadows bordered by coniferous forest.

With a territory covering 303 km2, when measured by surface area Sarentino is South Tyrol’s largest municipality and is among the 10 communities located at altitudes ranging from 970 to 1500 m.
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Rittel railway
Rittel railway
Ritten – Renon – The sunny side of South Tyrol introduces itself!
Caldaro lake - Photo © anbri22
Caldaro lake – Photo © anbri22
Bassa Atesina – From Bolzano to the garden of South Tyrol

At the southern edge of the Dolomite mountains lies “the Garden of South Tyrol”, with its jewels: Lake Caldaro, the Wine Road, and the TRUDNER HORN NATURE RESERVE. In a sub-Mediterranean climate, the world’s largest apple forest shares the sun with luxuriant vineyards and palm, olive, and fig trees.

Lake Caldaro is the warmest swimming lake in the Alps, with summer water temperature peaking at 26°C (79°F). The villages that line the Wine Road are in the unique “Upper Adige” style – a variety of Renaissance style characterized by shuttered windows, archways, and stone steps.

There are 25 castles in this area, 12 in the Appiano municipality alone. Especially worth a visit are the 11th century Romanesque frescoes in Castellaz near Termeno, ruins of a Roman fortress at Castelfeder near Auer, and the 4th-century ruins of the St. Peter Church near Caldaro.

A hiker’s dream

Easy hiking trails through the vineyards or around Lake Caldaro, through the woods, or in the Trudner Horn Nature Reserve.

Bicycle tours

Bike paths along the Adige, through fruit orchards and vineyards, or off the road along mountain trails.

South Tyrol’s canyon

The Bletterbach Gorge is a fascinating geological site that recounts millions of years of history with strata of solid rock, sandstone, and fossils. Guided tours weekly.

Wine tasting

The Wine Road, which stretches from Bolzano south to the provincial border, is like one enormous tasting room. Large cooperatives and single-family cellars offer their products for your appraisal.

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Rosengarten – Photo © ON1TZUKA

Rosengarten-Latemar / Dolomites
Courtesy of AST Bolzano Bozen  © copyright

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Where to stay in Bolzano

There are high-quality hotels, apartments, villas, and guesthouses available, check them out and make a reservation here.