Garda Trentino Land Sports



Sports climbing began on the magnificent walls of Colodri, at Arco Castle, and then moved onto a park with an 18-metre artificial wall, the climbing stadium. Thanks to the Rock Master, an international event hosted by the city of Arco for many years now and among the most famous in Europe, this sport now has a long tradition in the area. The true reign of free climbing, however, remains on the natural walls of Garda Trentino: the multicolored walls of Massone, the walls of Romarzollo, the zebra-striped walls of Pietramurata and the routes of Mount Daino (where you can climb practically all year round).

Equipped routes – Iron Paths (Via Ferrata) 

Those who do not practice free climbing can, in any case, savor a close encounter with the mountains by tackling equipped routes. In a land halfway between mountains and lakes, there is no shortage of routes of any grade, and almost every one offer a glimpse of the blue water that leave you breathless. One of the most noted equipped routes of the area starts on Mount Rocchetta, the mountain dominating Riva del Garda. This route leads to Cima Sat (Sat Peak). A short distance away is Cima Capi (Capi Peak): altitude 1300 meters. From here there is a unique view of Garda and the surrounding mountains; but also Cima Rocca (Rocca Peak) and, further north after Dro, the walls of Brento.



The entire Alto Garda region is great for hiking. From walks along cycling paths to mountain trails, and from beautiful Monte Brione, (accessible only on foot or bicycle) to paths that surround the flat area of Alto Garda; it is all within reach. From Riva del Garda, for example, you can peacefully go along the slopes of Monte Rocchetta leading to Santa Barbara. Here there is a small church that offers a breathtaking view of the entire underlying basin. Just before this there is a small SAT refreshment bar that is open on Sundays and holidays. It provides the perfect place for a rest and a natural balcony over the area. For those more “prepared” hikers, the trip can go on toward Cima Sat (Sat Peak), altitude 1630 m a.s.l., and descend along the trail called “Crazidei” leading back toward Riva del Garda. The nearby Monte Baldo, Stivo and Monte Misone (balcony over Lake Tenno) are within anyone’s reach without great demand or difficulty.

Mountain biking


The mountain biking phenomenon in Garda Trentino is undoubtedly connected to the “Bike Festival“- the important international event that characterizes the spring season on Garda Trentino. Thousands of bike lovers meet in Alto Garda (about twenty thousand people concentrated in a four-day event) not only to “go wild” along the paths dedicated to mountain biking, but also to undertake the exhausting “Bike Marathon“, a competitive race with 50, 80 and 120-kilometre routes! Garda Trentino also offers an entire series of mountain bike excursions: on Monte Brione; on the beautiful trail that leads to the small resort Campi, where until a few years ago the daring Downhill bikers could take part in the famous “Adrenalina Dangerous Downhill“; the marvellous single tracks on Monte Baldo or Monte Stivo; or the more “peaceful” excursions in the magnificent olive groves of Arco. In addition, there is Valle di Ledro (Ledro Valley), where everything is magic and beauty. The mountain bike race “ Arco Bike Nature” takes place in Arco and offers enchanting and demanding routes. This race has already earned a place of honour on the vast scene of cross country races.


Gardaland The Upper Garda region has always been ideal terrain for many professional teams that choose its roads to prepare for the competitive season. Champions such as Chiappucci, Fondriest, and Moser have pedalled on our streets refining their race strategy. Circuits ideal for cycling preparation start in Arco: it is sufficient to cite the well-known climb of “S. Barbara“, a strip only a few kilometers long, but with a 20% gradient. Other good examples are the climbs to Tenno and the Passo del Ballino (Ballino Pass), the long straight stretches of the Val d’Adige (Adige Valley), the curves of Drena and the whole Lake Cavedine setting.

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