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Garda Trentino

The headquarters of this sport is located at the Caproni Airport in Trento where flights depart for the Dolomites, Adamello, Presanella, the Baldo chain and Garda. Seen from above, Garda offers an unforgettable panorama of sapphire blue water, reflected mountains and numerous inlets. At the Aereo Club Trento it is possible to feel the emotion of flight, accompanied by a pilot, or, for those who already have a license, make use of a towing aircraft. Info: Airport “Gianni Caproni”, tel. 0461 944355.

B.A.S.E. jumping

Garda Trentino

The face of Monte Brento in the village of Dro (ten kilometers north of Riva del Garda and five kilometers north of Arco) is perhaps the second most fascinating rock face in Europe for those who love this way of sky diving. The very difficult “Via Vertigine“, which has had some casualties, is reserved to very experienced sky divers. This is stated to immediately clarify that jumping is nice, but doing it without adequate preparation is extremely risky. Visit the Internet site:, especially for Base Jumping lovers that come to this area. Here Giuseppe “BepiHoffer, senior member of the Trentino parachutists and experimenter of the “wing suit” worn by the late Patrick De Gayardon (the French extreme sky diver deceased in 1998 in Hawaii during an extreme jump), provides all of the explanations on this sport and on how adequate preparation is necessary to jump from this face. Sticking to these rules is the only way to go back home having felt all the excitement that a jump like this can offer.


Garda Trentino

This is the simplest way to fly in the absolute silence of the mountains, accompanied only by the “sounds” of the wind and the snow-covered peaks (in the winter) or the sunny peaks (in the summer). A knapsack, fifteen kilos of weight, a slope, a light frontal breeze and away you go! Simple, isn’t it? Certainly, but to do it, like with all sports, it is necessary to go “to school”. Those who already have a licence just come to Garda Trentino: in Alto Garda the most well-known flights are from Monte Baldo (1700-metre descent), Monte Stivo (1300), Monte Misone (1300), the Rocchetta chain toward the Val di Ledro (Ledro Valley) or to Riva. It is important to always be well-informed about take-off and landing sites.
For those who would like to learn, the Scuola di parapendio Time To Fly – Volo Libero Alto Garda (School of Free Flying Paragliding Alto Garda) offers a precious opportunity to discover the world of free flying. Professional instructors will offer you a high didactic standard, which translates to hospitality, fun and unforgettable emotions.Info: Time To Fly – Volo Libero Alto Garda, via Segantini 28, 38062 Arco (TN). Tel. 0464 531080 / 348 7097989, fax 0464 518026, e-mail:, internet:

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