Kronplatz Region: S. Lorenzo di Sebato – St. Lorenzen in Pustertal – Pfalzen

This is an excerpt from the book “Südtirol and Dolomites”.

St Lorenz Pusterta
St Lorenz Pustertal – Photo hotel-saalerwirt-pustertal

12 villages situated in the heart of the “Pustertal” provide a quiet attractive holiday arrangement. In the Kronplatz Holiday Region everybody can find that particular holiday atmosphere he is looking for, quiet places for those who want to be the own and get away of the venal stressing continue of city life.

S. Lorenzo di Sebato – St. Lorenzen in Pustertal

The air is filled with history! The wide and ample section of the Pustertal valley in which St. Lorenzen is located has cast its spell over the people since the dim and distant past. Castles from the Middle Ages, prehistoric settlements and the remains of the Roman community of Sebatum form the backdrop to a unique area shaped by man. The valley bottom is characterized by imposing buildings, impressive mansions and idyllic village centers, while the sunny slopes are dotted with scattered hamlets often set on breathtakingly steep spots and sites. This wonderful area, shaped and cultivated by the hands of hardworking farmers and still boasting a great number of unspoiled spots and areas, will greatly impress you and leave you with some unforgettable memories.

St. Lorenzen, the gateway to the Dolomites, the green gem of the Pustertal valley, with its pearls of Montal, Onach, Ellen, St. Martin, Moos, Maria Saalen, Stefansdorf and Sonnenburg. Places where you can find happy people who know how to enjoy life. The optimal location as a gateway to the Dolomites is only one of the countless highlights of our market municipality – and by the way, already the ancient Romans had recognized the ideal strategic position of this place. Only its altitude (800 m) and climate are moderate. Everything else is absolutely great, the landscape, the panorama, the possibilities for hiking, recreation and excursions, the location of the village at the foot of the famous Kronplatz, the history and the people, and besides many other things the warm hospitality.

Where to stay in S. Lorenzo di Sebato

There are quality hotels, apartments, B&Bs and farm stays available, check them out and make a reservation here.

Pfaltzen Pustertal
Pfaltzen Pustertal – Photo


PFALZEN, a charming, picturesque village on the Pustertal Sunny Road welcomes you !

The sunny village with its incorporated outlets of Issing and Greinwalden, as well as the hamlets of Platten (4,750 ft) and Kofl (4,460 ft) have a total of 2,222 inhabitants and is rich in culture and tradition. During the last few decades, it has developed from a farming background to become a thriving community. Even in Roman times, the village was renowned for its sunny location. The ideal summer resort !

Besides farms, commercial enterprises and businesses, the tourist industry plays a main role here. The tourist industry offers around 1,100 beds, reaching from private accommodation to 4-star luxury hotels. The gastronomy spoils its guests with international cuisine, as well as South Tyrolean and Italian specialties.

Pfalzen is marked by its surviving nature and cultural scenery. A hiker can rejoice in the splendor of fragrant meadows and alpine pastures, a refuge hut, a shingle roof, quietness, … listening only to the sound of his steps in the meadow. Areal gem of nature.

Any guest active in sports can find a variety of activities for his holiday: tennis, keep fit, mountain biking, ordinary biking, swimming in the Issing lake, a possibility with truly special scenery.

Whether you are looking for quietness or relaxation, combined with true South Tyrolean hospitality, you do not have to go any further. Pfalzen gives you simply more enjoyment in life.

Winter lovers will also find everything to fulfill their hearts desire. Some like it lively and fast, others prefer it peaceful, varied and cozy. Pfalzen has something for everyone.

For our lively guests, the nearby Kronplatz area with more than 57 miles of downhill runs in all directions is the ideal place. With 32 modern lift facilities, the base terminals connect the ski mountain to one single carousel.
Skiing – an experience of fascinating length, breadth and depth. Also for snow boarders and trend sport activists. The Kronplatz has been a top address for some time now.

Since the inhabitants of Pfalzen are engaged in environmental protection, the ski bus won’t cost you a penny and brings you directly to the base terminal in Reischach.

For those, who prefer it cosy and peaceful, our village also offers miles of cross-country skiing trails, a newly built illuminated natural toboggan run, an ice-skating area with curling, or simply beautiful white winter scenery under clear skies and with clean air for long walks.

In addition, throughout the winter, on Tuesday and Thursdays, we offer excursions to the most beautiful nearby cross-country areas. A great opportunity for cross-country skiers and hikers – with a ski guide.

Where to stay in Pfalzen

There are quality hotels, apartments, B&Bs and condo hotels available, check them out and make a reservation here.

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