Lagorai, Valsugana Orientale and Tesino

Enjoy beautiful walks surrounded by the green landscape and the view of the Lagorai. Not forgetting the great historical and cultural heritage of the area.

On one side, there is the valley basin of Valsugana flown by the Brenta river, on the other side the plateau of Tesino stretching to the orographic left of the valley; an area with colorful orchards and gigantic rocks towering above the sunny slopes.

Lagorai, Valsugana Orientale and Tesino

On the edge of the Lagorai chain, the rolling green countryside of the Tesino plateau is dotted with pastures and cultivated fields. The Tesino plateau is an excellent starting point for excursions in the mountains on the northern border, i.e. to Lagorai and Cima d’Asta, where hikers come into contact with a particularly wild and unspoiled nature. The front line between Italy and Austria during the First World War ran along the Lagorai and Cima d’Asta mountain sides. The trenches, evidence of that time, are still visible today. Not far east of Borgo Valsugana, the administrative capital of Eastern Valsugana, there is the well-preserved Castel Ivano which hosts cultural and scientific events as well as art exhibitions.

Eastern Valsugana and Tesino are also interesting for potholers as the largest grottoes in Trentino exist in this area, such as the Bigonda and the Calgeron (near Grigno) and the Grotta di Castel Tesino.

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