Nordic Walking in Garda trentino: itineraries

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking – Photo

The Nordic Walking, a new and healthy sport activity coming from Finland, arrives finally in Garda lake. Already 6 millions people all around the world do this sport, finally landed at Garda lake, the ideal area to do it thanks to the beautiful mountains and the wonderful paths characterizing the natural environment. The Nordic Walking is more than a simple walk, since it makes you burn up more calories and move more muscles, carrying out a good action on the cardiovascular system. Around 20 years ago, some Finnish cross -country skis athletes decided to train in summer time walking on the green fields with the usual rockets, giving birth to this new sport. The equipment has been improving a lot and even the Nordic Walking lovers have been increasing very much in the last years.

In Riva del Garda was set up the Anwi, the Italian Nordic Walking Association and a Nordic Walking Park is going to be set right in Garda trentino, on the area surrounding Riva del Garda and Arco.

Nordic Walking Arco Park: 15 itineraries for a total of 100 km. Difficulty: blue – easy, red – medium difficulty, black – more difficult.

Name Difficulty km
Itineraries in and around Arco:
Giro punta del lago 15,7 92 m
Giro Ponte Romano 7,3 35 m
Giro delle fontane 10,1 315 m
Giro delle fontanelle 3,9 147 m
Giro de Baon 6,9 233 m
Giro delle Cave 6,0 239 m
Giro Prato Saiano 7,6 49 m
Giro di Laghel 8,5 317 m
Giro Salt de la Cavra 8,6 421 m
Itineraries San Giovanni al Monte:
Giro dei Prai de Gom 6,8 167 m
Itineraries Monte Velo:
Giro Malga Zanga 3,9 166 m
Giro dei due Sassi 7.5 217 m
Giro delle malghe 8,9 250 m

Instructors Nordic Walking: 
Guide alpine “Friends of Arco”, tel. 0464 519234, 333 1661401 – Arco
Training Center Astoria Park Hotel – Riva del Garda
Instructors in Riva del Garda, tel. 338 5869662 – 349 4915913

“Associazione Nordic Walking Italia”, tel. 0464 550374
Ingarda Trentino – Azienda per il turismo, Riva del Garda tel. 0464 554 444

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