Pinzolo-Val Rendena Gastronomy

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Dinner’s ready!
Conoisseurs appreciate Pinzolo and Val Rendena (Rendena valley) for their local cuisine. Some local recepies have become more precious with the passing of time and some local dishes are particularly tasty since they combine excellent cuisine with tradition and local natural products.

Eating is a passion!
In addition to classical dishes which include polenta (corn pudding), strangolapreti (small spinach dumplings), carne salada (raw salted meat), speck (smoked raw ham) and all kinds of salumi (dressed pork products), cheese and game, strudel and carrot cakes, fregoloti shortcrust pastry, wines and grappa, dishes with strange names, such as spaetzli (kind of dumplings) and canederli (dumplings of bread with pork boiled in meat soup), there are other original specialties like the old strinadina: slices of toasted bread with butter, sprinkled with sugar and wine, or a series of dishes prepared with typical local products and ingredients: small fruits, berries, mushrooms, quinces, cornelian cherries, game and sea trouts, season herbs, such as radicchio dell’orso, a kind of bitter herb growing at 2,000 meters on the edge of snowfields and preserved in vinegar with sugar.

This is a special polenta made with corn flower, cheese, salami, and cooked on fire for more than one hour. It is called polenta carbonera. This is a very big one and it can serve more than 600 portions. The town is Roncone about 50 km from Trento.

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