Pinzolo-Val Rendena summer sports

Pinzolo - Photo © Steve Gost ... That's my Click!
Pinzolo – Photo © Steve Gost … That’s my Click!

An ever-changing landscape, which passes from the soft atmosphere of the wood to the intrepid character of the Dolomites. A whirlpool of fun and sport will conquer you.

A fourth grade on the ‘Normale’ route of Campanil Basso together with an alpine guide or a simple excursion in the fir-tree woods of Adamello Natural Park.

You can choose from among beautiful paths, which form a thick network of about 400Km at different altitudes and offer many different habitats of fauna and flora.
Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo’s expert alpine guides will accompany you to discover nature. Excursions with different levels of difficulty are organized every day both on the western side of Adamello and Presanella and on the eastern side of the Brenta Dolomites.

In Val Rendena in addition to a cycle-track which is more than 20 Km long, there are many other kilometers of country paths for mountain biking, a discipline which is becoming more and more popular. Fishing in Alpine streams and lakes can be a good alternative to rafting, which you usually do in the cold water of the Sarca river in Val Genova.

Chruch of San Vigilio by Simone Baschensis; out of copyright
The dance of Death – Chruch of San Vigilio by Simone Baschensis; out of copyright

On horseback the environment changes: there are 2 riding centers in Val Rendena which assure the necessary assistance and professionalism to horsewomen and horsemen.

Sports structures allow you to play tennis (there are 15 tennis courts), to ice-skate even in summer at Pinzolo ice rink and to play archery.

Pinzolo trekking  Pinzolo passeggiata  Pinzolo parapendio

And, in the end, fly on the wings of a colored paraglider, from Doss del Sabion at Pinzolo or from Pradalago mountain top at Campiglio, to enjoy from above an exciting free glide and the wonderful sight of the valley opening up in front of you.
Hour after hour summer unravels in front of you. To fully enjoy these woods, with the scenery of Adamello and Presanella on one side and that of the Brenta Group on the other, just look around you. Give your fantasy free rein. You can invent your holidays this way, too.


Be sincere. When you are on holiday, you are not so willing to get up early, but if you have to face a long and demanding journey, it is better to take advantage of daybreak. But if you want to spend the whole day relaxing, why not taking it easy?

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