Val Gardena

This is an excerpt from the book “Südtirol and Dolomites”.

Valgardena costumes
Valgardena costumes – Photo ©

The magic of a valley

Groeden (ger) – Val Gardena (ita) – Gherdeina (lad) is one of the five ladin valleys in South Tyrol.

Its form of the ladin language is called “gardenese” in Italian, “groednerisch” in German and “gherdeina” in Ladin.

The valley is formed by three villages:

  • Ortisei (ita) – St. Ulrich (ger) – Urtijci (lad)
  • S. Cristina (ita) – St. Christina (ger) – Santa Crestina Gherdeina (lad)
  • Selva di Val Gardena (ita) – Wolkenstein (ger) – Selva (lad)
Seiseralm – Photo

Famous for its artistic wood-carving tradition, its magnificent ski slopes, its pretty villages nestling beneath the magnificent Langkofel, Geisler-Puez and Sellastock Dolomites, and its high pastureland with extensive networks of walking trails surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.

There are also countless cozy log cabins offering hospitality for tired hikers in the warm months, or skiers in winter, and numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Santa Cristina Valgardena
Santa Cristina Valgardena – Photo

St. Christina

St.Christina is a traditional and at the same time modern resort, a village of contrasts and the perfect place for a holiday for families and nature lovers, great and small in summer and in winter.

It offers sports facilities and culinary and cultural highlights, as well as peace and quiet for a relaxing holiday

Where to stay in St. Cristina

There are quality hotels, apartments, guesthouses and condo hotels available, check them out and make a reservation here.

Ortisei Valgardena
Ortisei Valgardena – Photo © Pufacz


Ortisei is the hub of activity in Val Gardena and an ideal location for lively and varied holidays with full entertainment value.

It combines magnificent scenery with fine sports amenities, culinary delights with cultural highlights, and so many things to do that a holiday always seems too short.

Where to stay in Ortisei

There are quality hotels, apartments, B&Bs and condo hotels available, check them out and make a reservation here.

Selva Val Gardena – Photo ©

Selva Valgardena

The magnificent location at the foot of the Sella Massif!

Selva Gardena, which lies at an altitude of 1,563 m above sea level, is one of the leading ski resort in the Alps.

It is ideal for winter sports and for mountain hikers. Its location is magnificent, at the foot of the majestic Sella Massif and connected to the Sella Ronda; guests can even arrive at their door without taking off their skis.

Selva’s high standard of hospitality is famous: from 4-star hotel accommodation to private lodgings and apartments with every comfort.

Where to stay in Selva Valgardena

There are quality hotels and condo hotels available, check them out and make a reservation here.

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