Walking in Bolzano

Going to San Genesio - Photo © mimivk
Going to San Genesio – Photo © mimivk

Bolzano is the ideal starting point for walks and hikes in the environment of the city.

Along the hills above the city winds a crown of pathways bordered by typically Mediterranean vegetation. The “Guntschna- an the Oswaldpromenade” are two pearls: terraces above the city lined with palm trees, magnolias, cedars, agaves and laurel.

Other walking paths bring you to the different castles of the town.

Talvera a Bolzano
Talvera a Bolzano – Photo © Luca83

Passeggiate del Lungotalvera – Wassermauerpromenade

The promenade along the  river Talvera  and Isarco is like a green oasis in the middle of the town. Here you can spend some relaxing time or you can choose to do or watch some sports: football, volleyball, baseball…

La Passeggiata del Guncina – Guntschnapromenade

The Guntschnapromenade goes up in serpentines starting from Gries.  It is dedicated to the Duke Heinrich from Habsburg and was one of the famous parts of the health resort since the middle of the 19th Century.  Today it is a nice walking path with a beautiful view on the town with the “Rosengarten” in the background.

La Passeggiata di Sant’Osvaldo – Oswaldpromenade

The Oswaldpromenade goes from St. Anton to St. Magdalena bordering the numerous vineyards on the hills of the town. The traditional red vine “St. Magdalena” is produced here.

Passeggiata del Virgolo – Virglpromenade

The walking path at the feet of the Colle mountain begins near the castel “Haselburg” in the south of Bolzano. It connects the castle with the “Virgl”, one of the first parts of the town to be inhabited in prehistoric times. Two interesting churches can be found there: the Romanic Church of St. Vigil an the Baroque Kalvarien-Church.

For further information ask the Tourist Board: info@bolzano-bozen.it

bolzano vigneti s pietro bozen weinberge st peter – Photo © www.weinstrasse.com

Cable cars

Three routes to high pastures
Bolzano is located in a broad valley basin and the cool heights are nowhere far away. In just a few minutes any of the three cable cars take you up to the mountain woodlands and meadows on the Colle, San Genesio and Renon mountains.
Above 1000 meters altitude you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding Dolomites, enjoy walks across lush pastureland and fill your lungs with crisp mountain air.


A trip to Colle – Kohlern mountain by cable car is a step into history, for this is the oldest cable way of the world. The original gondola can be viewed at the upper terminal and is well worth a visit.

San Genesio

The view of the Rosengarten Dolomite massif from Tschagglberg high plateau is without doubt the finest of all. Sunset enjoyed from Salto mountain are unforgettable experience, when the Dolomite peaks glow as they reflect the setting sun.


Bolzano’s home mountain beckon with plenty of sun and pretty walks with the unique Sciliar and Alpe di Siusi meadowlands as a backdrop. There is also a skiarea perfect for families.


The ideal geographic position of Bolzano makes it to the ideal starting point for every kind of biking tours.
A network of bicycle paths radiates out from the city through the orchards and vineyards in the foothills an on up into the Alps.
Starting from the central square Piazza Walther Platz you can reach the bicycle ways to Trento or the “Apple-Road” to Merano, which runs through the apple trees along the river Adige.

If you do not have a bike, you can rent one of the new bicycles at the Bolzano Bozen Tourist Board for only  Euro 5,00 per day. Also, the Tourist Board and the Association PassparTour organize some guided biking tour in town. For more information ask the InfoTeam: info@bolzano-bozen.it
Courtesy of AST Bolzano Bozen  © copyright Bolzano-Bozen.it

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Where to stay in Bolzano

There are high quality hotels, apartments, villas and guesthouses available, check them out and make a reservation here.