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Spoleto – Photo © Michele Tortioli – proprietà Regione Umbria

Perhaps it is the evocative nature of the place or a certain enchanted air (we might almost say “mystic”) that you breathe to some extent everywhere, but sooner or later whoever visits Umbria ends up thinking: Saint Francis, that great, gentle, tender and poetic Saint of happiness and meekness could only have been born here in Umbria.

In this place of ever-green, enchanted and radiant nature, in these towns, the concept of “historic center” seems inadequate and reductive, so widespread is the monumental and artistic component in the towns of Umbria.

Perugia, for example, the regional capital, just to describe it is to lose oneself in the richness, complexity, and magnificence of its architectural and artistic treasures: from the Etruscan walls to the splendid Palazzo Gallenga, seat of the prestigious university for foreigners, and many other buildings and historic monuments that lead out from the central Piazza IV Novembre, itself dotted with architectural and artistic jewels such as the Great Fountain and the magnificent Palazzo dei Priori.

Gubbio - Palazzo dei Consoli
Gubbio – Palazzo dei Consoli – Photo © Michele Tortioli – proprietà Regione Umbria

The same is true for splendid Gubbio, rich with Saint Francis memories and monuments from the medieval and renaissance eras. And then Todi, Spello, Spoleto, Orvieto, Citta’ di Castello and many other small towns: all magnificently enriched by monuments, palaces, and churches of high artistic merit.

Even Terni, a modern industrial city, boasts jewels such as the churches of S. Salvatore and S. Francesco and, close by, the masterpiece of nature that is the Waterfall of Marmore.

Finally Assisi, the town where Saint Francis was born (as was Saint Clare, founder of the Poor Clares), one of the best-known Christian destinations frequented by pilgrims.

Umbria: you have to see it for yourself.

Badia di Orvieto
Badia di Orvieto – Photo ©
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