Exploring the Delights of Beautiful Umbria


Umbria has it all! Overlooked for the most part by tourists in favour of Italy’s more famous attractions, the region is slowly emerging as a popular base for couples and families to experience the centuries-old charm and appeal of a magical region.

If you want to fully explore Umbria, villas of a high quality are available to rent to help you appreciate everything this enchanting region has to offer – including its food, wine, people, traditions, culture and architecture.

If you are visiting this lovely region, consider these six important locales as they will demonstrate the very best it has to offer.

If you’re going to Italy, Rome will presumably be on your list, but you simply must explore the nearby attractions of Umbria. Villas in the region are usually just a short drive from its star attraction – Assisi. Here the town is blessed with wonderful architecture, with its pink-stoned, fresco-laden Basilica dedicated to its most famous son – St Francis – taking centre stage. The town offers more, too, as Roman influences abound, while the Rocca Maggiore provides fantastic panoramas.

Away from the tourist trail, this fascinating town is filled with cobblestoned streets, medieval buildings and the remains of one of the largest bridges from Roman times, the 30 metre high Ponte d’Augusto. Along with many fascinating walks around the town, you’ll be able to mark off one must-do while on holiday here – and that’s finding the geographical centre of Italy.

For a wonderful look around a typical, smaller Umbrian town, it is hard to beat a visit to Spello. Around every corner there seems to be a surprise or another photographic opportunity. Spello’s museum and Santa Maria Maggiore offer an artistic relief to the architectural master-class outdoors.

During a stay in Umbria, villas offer the best opportunity for independence on a holiday. With that in mind, Orvieto is not a town to be overlooked. Lodged on a volcanic outcrop, it has one of the best cathedrals in the region to and houses the frescoes of Luca Signorelli.

Bridge of Towers
Spoleto will provide the traveller an engaging day of jaw-dropping sites and a walk through antiquity, but the crowning moment will be to take in the 13th century aqueduct, the Bridge of Towers, or Ponte delle Torri, which spans the gorge.

Umbria Jazz Festival
Umbria, villas and jazz are not normally associated in one sentence. But couple a stay in the region with the right time of year and you will be presented with the Umbria Jazz Festival. Now into its 20th year, the jazz festival presents a fascinating opportunity to see some of the best musicians of the genre, while enabling you to admire the very best in architecture and culture.

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