Passignano sul Trasimeno

Passignano - Photo © /\/\arco
Passignano – Photo © /\/\arco

This well-known dockyard and tourist center, of Etrusco–Roman origin, is situated (289 m a.s.l.) on the northern shore of Lake Trasimeno.

The ancient core preserves its mediaeval aspect still circled by its walls, while a maze of alleys, skirting Quattrocento houses, rises from the lake shore to the towers above.

Four kilometers from the center, eastwards, is the Church of S.Vito, with a well-preserved XIIIth century bell-tower, and a panel of the school of Fiorenzo di Lorenzo inside.

Castel Rigone (663 m a.s.l.) is also part of Passignano territory. It was founded in 543 by Rigone, one of the lieutenants of Totila, king of the Goths.

From this hamlet, with the remains of a castle built at the dose of the XIIIth century, and an elegant Renaissance church, the “Madonna dei Miracoli”, there is a splendid view of the lake.

From here, moreover, trekking enthusiasts can set out on a magnificent hike which takes them up to the highest summit of the Trasimeno hills, Monte Castiglione (802 m a.s.l.) covered in thick pinewoods, the haunt of squirrels, foxes, stone martens and boars.

Passignano sul Trasimeno - Photo © songbird
Passignano sul Trasimeno – Photo © songbird

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Church of St. Christopher (Xth-XIth Century)

This is one of the most interesting monuments in Passignano.

The interior, with there naves, is cruciform. recent discoveries bear witness to the church’s existence in the Classical and High Medieval eras.

XVth Century frescoes of the Umbrian Scholl still remain.

Ceramics – Photo © MogMad

The “Palio delle Barche” (Boat Race)

This event recalls an episode from 1495, when a group of exiles from Perugia managed to evade their enemies by putting out bosts from a landing-stage at Passignano.

It takes place on the last Sunday in July. One boat from each of the four wards of the town sets out from a buoy carrying two rowers and a standard-bearer.

Arriving at the landing-stage, they hand the standard to the courier on land then, with the boats hoisted onto the shoulders of their crews, a hectic race through the streets of the old town begins.

When they reach the lake again the standard is returned to the standard-bearer, who jumps back into his boat to signal the last exhausting phase for the rowers.

Hotel Castle Il Borgia Castle

Il Borgia Castle:
This fairy tales medieval Castle, once property of the notorious Borgia Family (remember Lucretia, Caesar and Pope Alexander VI) is exceptionally well situated on the borders of Tuscany and Umbria, on the shore of Lake Trasimeno. Today it hosts an hotel.

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