Travelling to the Medieval Gubbio, in Italy

Sunset in Gubbio
Sunset in Gubbio

Gubbio is the oldest medieval hill town in Umbria, touching the borders of the Marche region and laying at the foot of Mountain Ingino. The city is famous for its artistic and intact through the centuries, historical heritage.
The beauty of the medieval town and the variety of the medieval designs will amaze you. The Gothic and Rennaissance designs of the buildings and the monuments inspire hundred of movies and fairytales. The grey limestone buildings, the Gothic architecture and the beautiful dark grey color of the narrow streets unfold in front of your eyes.
The beauty of Gubbio narrates the myth of the Wolf of Gubbio. Fairytales that are inspired by the myth tell the conversion of the wolf to Christianity by Saint Francis in the 14th century.
Walking down the alleys, you reach Piazza della Signoria, full of Palaces and ceramic workshops. Gubbio keeps the traditions and is always the centre of pottery production until today.
The dark streets of Gubbio will tell you the story of the city from the ancient times. The Roman Theater, built in the 1st century ad, the Roman Mausoleum and the Cathedral are a few of the unique buildings that you can visit once there. The frescoes along the Church of St. Francesco, and the view of the inner court of the Palazzo Ducale, stimulate your thoughts and emotions.
If you visit Gubbio in May, you can witness a representation of the customs and traditions in the biggest festival. Corsa dei Ceri is one of the biggest festivals taking place in May and is devoted to St. Ubaldo.
Gubbio is also famous as the town with the biggest Christmas tree in the world. You can find it listed in the book of World record of Guinness and is also a town with one of the best white truffle worldwide.
Gubbio tells us the stories of different historical events and myths. Stories that have inspire movies, books and fairytales that can be experienced only by visiting the city. As a tourist you have the opportunity to slowly discover the city and you can unfold all the secrets and sharing stories from the ancient times. The destination will keep you alert as you will unleash the telling of Gubbio’s history in the steep alleys, while the medieval buildings tell their story by themselves. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy unique local ceramic products that will remind you your visit to this beautiful city and enjoy the tasteful and original flavors of the local traditional food and the unique taste of the white truffle.

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