Umbria Festivals

Stroncone - Photo © IWOL
Stroncone – Photo © IWOL

This is a partial list of local festivals, fairs and costumed events. To verify the exact dates, please contact the local tourist board.

  • Acquasparta: Medieval Banquet (September).
  • Assisi: CALENDIMAGGIO (Celebration of Holy Week) Easter Week
    Celebration of spring according to rites dating back to medieval times.Celebrations for St Francis of Assisi – (October 4th)
  • Bevagna – Mercato delle Gaite – (end of June)
  • Castiglione del Lago: Tulip Festival (first or second Sunday in April).
  • Cannara: Onion Festival (September).
  • Citta di Castello – Trade fair of the Truffle and woodland products – (end October/early November)
  • Fiume (Near Gubbio) – Crayfish Fair – (mid September)
  • Foligno: GIOSTRA della QUINTANA (Joust of the Quintana)
    Second Sunday in September
    Revival of a 17th century joust with 600 knights in costume, historical procession
  • Fossato di Vico: La Festa degli Statuti – this is one of the most ancient villages of the mysterious Umbrian hill-towns, and on May 13th of the 996, the town presented its first public reading of its new town ‘constitution’ which was a series of opinions, adopted attitudes and laws that was one of the first of its kind. In honor of this date the town dresses up in medieval costume and recreates the same atmosphere of poverty and simple joy that their ancestors lived in ten centuries ago. There is a re-reading of the document, numerous parades, medieval markets that offer foods and recipes no longer known or used, displays of ancient crafts and wandering minstrels that drape their ancient strains upon the medieval mood that permeates the air. Unfortunately, the date is never certain and must be confirmed before you make arrangements.
  • Grello: Eve of the Feast of Saint John the Baptist – in this unpretentious village in northen Umbria, the entire village (six or hundred strong) turns out along with a number of visitors from neighboring towns. Most of the food in the piazza is carried there by girls or women from the kitchens of local houses. Young boys, each group of five representing a neighborhood in tiny Grello, light their firebrands (tall straw brooms) and race three times around the old walls of the castle on the crest of the hill holding their firebrands high for all to see. They are racing against each other and dash back into the piazza where they light an enormous haystack set on a wooden wagon. Once the pile is ablaze, the five teammates set off at a dead run down the steep incline pulling the wagon behind them. From the top of the hill, the residents roar their approval as the blazing haystacks flash through the fields down below. Finally, as the winner arrives back in the main piazza, the entire town rushes to greet them in a sudden maelstrom of cheering, yelling and hugging. The winner gets to light an enormous Midsummer’s Night bonfire in the center of town and the teenagers dance to live music until late into the night. Date: June 23rd.

  • Gualdo Tadino: Historical Games and Food Festival (September).
  • Gubbio FESTA dei CERI (Race of the Candles) May 15
    A procession in local costume in witch tall shrines are carried to the church on the top of Mount Ingino.PALIO dei BALESTRIERI (The Palio of the Archers) Last Sunday in May
    Medieval crossbow contest between Gubbio and Sansepolcro with medieval costumes and arms.Roman Theatre season – (mid July to August)
  • Montone – Donazione delle Sacra Spina – (August)
  • Narni – Corsa all’anello – (22nd April to 9th May)Celebrations for St Giovenale – (May 3rd)Wine and Chestnut fair – (first weekend of November after the 6th)
  • Orvieto: 132 km. north of Rome. 18th. Pentecostal feast of the Palombella. 14th century box with holy relic taken from Duomo and carried in procession through streets. Wire attached to it from top of church and dove urged to slide down to accompaniment of firecrackers. If all goes well, crops and vineyards will flourish. Dove given to most recently married couple (May).Umbria Jazz Winter – (January)
  • Perugia – Umbria Jazz summer – (July)Eurochocolate – (October)
  • Spello: Astonishing rich and beautiful pictures made entirely of flower petals become a carpet laid on the main street of this charming medieval town in Umbria. Date: Corpus Domini which falls 60 days after Easter.
  • Spoleto: Festival of Two Worlds. Theater, ballet and art exhibitions. Concluded with a display of fire-works (mid-June–July).
  • Stroncone: International Street Artists Festival (June).
  • Terni: Celebrations for St Valentine – (14th February)
  • Todi: Italian Antiques show – (mid April)
  • Torgiano – Italian wine judging competition – (end October/early November)