Umbria Itinerary of Female Santity

This is an excerpt from the book “Umbria

Umbria saint women

Umbria’s holy women are an astonishing band capable of arousing great wonder. Women in love with Christ, to whom they wished to join themselves mystically as brides so that they might share the chalice

This itinerary sets out to offer pilgrims the Christian identity of great female figures, who have made a deep and lasting mark on the faith and civilization of their time and who are still shining points of reference for anyone intending to enter the Third Millennium in a spirit of motivation and renewal.

The itinerary is a special homage due to every woman, whom the Holy Father John Paul II (Mulieris Dignitatem) intends should be granted recognition for her much more incisive role as a protagonist of peace, welcome and service in everyday life, and as a custodian of beauty and love in the splendor of the pure of heart.

The Female Saints of the Church – of whom Umbria boasts many distinguished examples – have illustrated the wholly female willingness to offer themselves unconditionally to the Mystery of divine intimacy, showing sublime transports as brides and a concrete commitment to the families and people of their time in whom they recognized Christ the Savior made flesh.

The Christian woman, such as Mary, receives the divine gift of spiritual fertility in order to bring back rebellious children to the heart of the Father, or to beget in flesh those who will honor the earth or populate Heaven; it is thus that Woman performs her Ministry: in other words she continues to offer throughout time the flesh of Jesus the Savior (“what you have done to the least of these YOU HAVE DONE TO ME”), whilst male Priests can only offer It veiled in the Sacraments, especially in the consecrated Bread and Wine and in the forgiveness of sins.

The whole Church, and Italy in particular, boasts a large number of these excellent women.

Umbria offers her numerous heroines, scattered over the centuries, whose memories are jealously guarded by the Umbrian people, who recognize the extent to which their testimony of sanctity was marked by the sensibility of their age and acknowledge the spiritual nourishment that, with extreme truth, they are able to offer the huge number of today’s women who have been called by Christ the Savior to the summit of total love. Today’s Umbrian believers are proud of having them as consecrated daughters, sisters, wives and friends.
Courtesy of Umbria 2000