Umbria’s Historic Hotels


San CrispinoHotel Castle Umbria

Located in the historic district of Assisi, the period residence of San Crispino has artistic and architectural roots that date to the fourteenth century. The residence is composed of 7 independent suites, all of which feature high-quality finishing touches.

Historical Residence San Crispini Assisi – an hotel in an old convent

Castello Hotel Castle Umbria

Tucked in a gentle Umbrian valley, sheltered by wooded hills, and near the cultured and antique city of Perugia, rises Castello dell’Oscano, a period residence and custodian of age-old memories. It must surely be an illusion that, on certain evenings, the chivalrous crossing of foils can be heard in the gardens, or that sunset the rose give out a scent of nostalgia… What is reality, however, is the charm of the castle, the grandeur of parks, the elegance¬† the furnishings, the impeccable welcome. Do come and visit us. Whether for work and negotiations or to relax, chat and enjoy yourself with your friends, or to celebrate that very special occasion. We are awaiting you in Umbria. At Castello dell’Oscano.

Castello Oscano Perugia – an hotel in an old castle

Relais Todini Hotel Castle Umbria

Relais Todini, set in the heart of the lush Umbrian countryside, opens its doors to you. This period-style residence inside a fourteenth-century castle traces its architectural roots to age-old Roman and Etruscan remains, as proven by a ancient well. The estate also has a hunting reserve of over 1300 hectares, with the spectacular villa of S. Isidoro that features a swimming pool, stables, tennis courts, a regulation-size soccer field and a winery that produces high-quality traditional local wines. All of this is at your disposal for an intense and truly satisfying stay in Umbria’s pristine natural setting, for a marvelous vacation at Relais Todini — your dream come true through a man in love with his native land.

Relais Todini Todi (Perugia) – an hotel in an old castle

Castello Rosciano Hotel Castle Umbria

Among the hills between Torgiano and Bettona, sheathed in the silence of a forest of holm-oaks, one finds the Castle of Rosciano. A powerful structure in sandstone, austere in its harsh and imposing form, it dominates the valley of the Tiber and the Chiascio rivers. The main building of the castle houses splendid restored halls and dining rooms that bear the names of the figures belonging to its past. The Tancredi, Lingarda and Jacoba halls are in the winter heated by large fireplaces and in the summer kept cool by the thick stone walls and can host up to 300 people for historical commemorations, weddings and Conferences.

In front of the castle one finds the Benedictine monastery that holds a series of suites and rooms, each characterized by a different color.

Castello di Rosciano Perugia – an hotel in an old castle