Caffè alla valdostana

Caffe alla valdostana Aosta Valley

Have you skied for the whole day? Are you in an high mountain hut? Are you tasting the regional specialties in a typical restaurant with your family or with your best friends?

Between Valle d’Aosta’s titbits, you will find something for you: “Caffè alla valdostana”, the typical regional coffee.

Pour one cup of hot coffee and one cup of hot grappa per person in the special container. Add an orange peel, a lemon peel and a spoonful of sugar per person and burn.

Sprinkle the spouts of the container with sugar: with fire it will candy and it will give a particular flavor to your hot drink. Add the desire to be together, the persons you like, those you love and you will have a perfect “Caffè alla valdostana”.

In fact, the wooden container of this drink is called “Coppa dell’amicizia”, “Friendship’s Cup”: in Valle d’Aosta, people say that persons who drink at the same “Coppa” will be united by an eternal friendship.

But there is a rule to observe: you must pass it around, “a la ronde”, and everyone must drink a sip from a different spout. And remember: it is strictly forbidden to put “Coppa dell’amicizia” on the table before having finished the coffee inside! Cheers!