Music and traditional folklore

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Music and dance are essential aspects of any community and tradition, and in the Valle d’Aosta they are still alive and present, thanks to groups of people that devote themselves to these important cultural expressions.

Many choirs still propose the traditional singing inheritance of the Valle d’Aosta, together with a more modern repertoire: “Tintamaro” from Cogne, born in 1957, is probably the most famous choir, also because Cogne is the place where a special singing technique (“reton”) originated.

Another group is the “Comite’ des Traditions Valdotaines”, specialized in particular melodies and dances.

Folkloristic choirs and bands meet every year, in May, in their “assemblee regionale” (the first edition was held in 1951): one week of shows in Aosta, ending on Sunday with the performance, by all the groups, in a special arena in the town of Fenis.

For tourists it is a good chance to spend one day in the open air, listen to traditional music and songs and see some historical costumes.

“Trouveur Valdoten” is another example of bands researching the original music of the Alps. This band, born in the early ’80s, plays songs and melodies of the Valley and of the Alps in general with traditional instruments (concertina, violin, hurdy-gurdy and special drums).

There are also a few song-writers, like Maura Susanna and Luis de Jyariot (pseudonym of Luigi Fosson), whose repertoire represents the living continuation of the Valley’s ancient music.

Courtesy of the Regione Valle d’Aosta