Ollomont, Saint-Oyen

This is an excerpt from the book “Aosta Valley Itineraries”.

Fontina factory in Ollomont - Photo © tulla
Fontina factory in Ollomont – Photo © tulla


Situated on a vast sunny plain, the village of Ollomont with its 16 hamlets has remained the last village in the valley without transit carriage-roads to other villages.

The Ollomont valley has been the favorite crossing route for the Swiss Wallis since the period of the Salassi.

It seems that the famous religious reformer Calvino crossed the mountain pass Fenetre Durand when he took refuge in Switzerland after the expulsion of the protestants in 1536 by the people of the Valle d’Aosta who chose to remain faithful to the catholic church. Luigi Einaudi, future President of the Italian Republic, crossed the same mountain pass in 1943 when he sought refuge in Switzerland to escape the nazi-fascist police.

Particularly interesting are the excursions to the bivouacs Savoie (2651 mt.) and Regondi (2560 mt.), to the Amianthe mountain hut, to the Fenetre Durand (2803 mt.), to the Mont Avril, to the Conca di By, to the seven Morion lakes, the Tour des Combins and the high mountain route n.1 “Alta Via n. 1”.

Mountain-climbing: Grand Combin (4314 mt.), Mont Velan (3708 mt.) Tete de By ( 3588 mt.), Mont Gele’ (3519 mt.), Tete Blanche (3413 mt.).

The Berio ski-lift with artificial snow, the “Ollomont 2000” cross-country skiing track with different circuits up to 10 kilometers (included a lit-up circuit of 3 kilometers), a rock-climbing gym in Vaud, a mountain-bike route (10 kilometers), ice-falls and heliski facilities.

Where to stay in Ollomont

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Saint-Oyen - Photo © Aldoint
Saint-Oyen – Photo © Aldoint


Saint-Oyen is situated on the main Great-Saint-Bernard road n. 27, 18 kilometers from Aosta. The medieval castle called “Chateau Verdun” (Castellum Verdunense) is very interesting. In 1137 it was assigned by the count Amedeo III of Savoy to the canons of the Great Saint Bernard who still own it and have recently transformed it into a characteristic “Maison d’Accueil”(a guest house).

In summer there are a lot of people who visit the well-equipped picnic area “Bois de Prenoud” for picnics or open air barbecues. Close to the picnic area there is another equipped area with sports facilities: football, tennis, bowling or fishing.

The so-called “Le gate des chevreuils”, a park where you can admire deer and roes, is worth visiting.

Saint-Oyen has the nice small skiing area in Flassin. With its 5 kilometers of slopes it is ideal for beginners and families. Along the cross-country skiing track which also reaches the villages of Etroubles and Saint-Rhemy, you will come across both amateurs and professionals skiers.

There is also a modern cross-country center called “Foyer de Fond” equipped with showers, sauna, cafeteria-restaurant, ski hire and ski-school.

Summer excursions include some easy itineraries and some others presenting average difficulties. The excursions to Plan Puitz , Tete de Barasson, and to the Coumba Flassin are most interesting.

Where to stay near Saint Oyen

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