Summer Time in Courmayeur


If you are one of those hearty souls who look out for adventurous holiday destinations that allow you the chance to stretch your legs and get outdoors in beautiful settings, then you should consider taking the easy 100-kilometre trip from Geneva to Courmayeur.

Courmayeur is located in the northern part of Italy, at the foot of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in western Europe. The town shares the administration of the mountain with its French neighbours St Gervais Mont Blanc, who can actually claim the title of €highest town in Europe€. During the winter months, Courmayeur is known for its fantastic skiing and it shares glacial ski access of the Vallee Blanche with another French neighbour, Chamonix. But if you are not a fan of the cold winter months, then don’t worry, a summertime trip from Geneva to Courmayeur is simple and opens up a world of hiking and biking.


On the journey from Geneva to Courmayeur, it is the last town before the Mont Blanc tunnel, and it is a great location if you want to get in some hiking in the warm summer months. Not only does staying here offer you the option of going hiking or climbing up the face of Mont Blanc, it also provides a range of hikes that last from two hours to many days and cover a variety of skill levels and difficulty. While here, you certainly need to try some of the local hikes such as the Gran Paradiso, trekking the Alta Via Dei Giganti, or any of the 280 kilometres of mountain trails for summer hiking.

Mountain Biking

Much like the hiking trails that so many travel from Geneva to Courmayeur for, the mountain biking circuit here is rich with diversity. You can rent your bikes in the town and hit the Aosta Valley to find your perfect trail.

If you want something that is challenging, then try the Mont Blanc tour by mountain bike which takes you on a demanding 230 kilometre trip with 8,500 vertical metres to climb (during the course of the ride) over one mountain and three countries. Likewise, you can take a mountain biking tour of the Gran Combin, which will take you along the border of Italy and Switzerland and covers three hills, which range from 2500 to 2800 metres, on a trail that is 125 kilometres long. If you are one of the ultra-active souls that wants to combine a bit of biking and climbing then book a trip through Gran Paradiso National park by mountain bike, where you will take the trails and arrive at the mountain face where you then lose the bike and climb the 4,061 metre mountain using traditional climbing gear. But if you like to bike but want a more gentle [and gentile] route, then there are rolling hills and plenty of vineyard trails to ride that lead between the picturesque towns and green valleys that don’t feature the daunting vertical climbs.

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Where to stay in Courmayeur

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