The Beauty of An Italy Trip to The Aosta Valley

Prato Sant'Orso
Prato Sant’Orso – Photo © Donato Arcaro, touristic and naturalistic guide of the Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is the least populous, least densely populated and smallest region of Italy. This region consists of 74 comuni, making it the only Italian region without provinces. The terrain of Aosta Valley is filled with mountains, having even the highest peaks in the continent (Gran Paradiso, Monte Bianco, Cervino and Monta Rosa). An Italy trip to this territory will give you a glimpse of natural wonders as the scenic green valley’s on the sides of the long Dora Baltea River.

Aosta, the capital of the region is rich in history. This territory enjoyed prosperity in the old times because of its strategic location. It was a significant focal point for mercantile with the countries of Switzerland and France. The stunning churches such as Cathedral Church of S. Orso and Cathedral are just two of the many artifacts expressing the region’s prosperity way back in the past.

Tourism plays a significant part in Aosta’s economy. Winter snow and summer heat both allows mountain activities exciting. This mountainous spot is a perfect destination for winter sport enthusiast who would love to spend a budget Italy trip in the cold yet adventure-filled valley. Holiday towns and ski resorts are all around the City of Aosta Valley. Among the well-known and reputable resorts are renowned Cervinia and Courmayeur.

A cheap Italy trip to Aosta Valley include noteworthy visits to natural splendors of numerous monuments, exquisite artistic and ancient traditions and of course, the density of multistory buildings. Along the feet of the valley lies barbaric structures such as Castle of Issogne, Castle of Fenis and the famous casino are significant manifestation of richness of the past. Astounding natural landscapes of the valley offers a marvelous trip to Italy, specifically Italy’s highest peaks. On a budget trip to Italy – Aosta Valley is still fun-filled with a memorable visit to the extensive natural park which has a high mountain at the center.

The beauty of this natural wonder seems to be an out-of-the-ordinary ways to enjoy an Italy trip. May it be with the summer heat or even on the cold winter days.

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