This is an excerpt from the book “Aosta Valley Itineraries”.

Cervinia - Photo © alessandro zocchi
Cervinia – Photo © alessandro zocchi


Valtournenche is situated at 1524 m above sea level, 18 km far away from Chatillon and 9 km from Breuil-Cervinia, and thanks to the lift connection with this one represents a unique and immense skiing area.


More than 1.500 meters of difference in height, a great variety of slopes and some connections with the Swiss lifts are the real possibilities you have at your disposal.

Here too, lift facilities are modern and comfortable and the skiing area offers you plenty of opportunities at any level. For lovers of cross country there are two rings: Maen (6,5 km long) and Champleve (3,3 km long).


If you wish to make a skiing excursion you’ll certainly find plenty of opportunities as Valtournenche represents the perfect place for it. Here were born some of the most famous mountain guides of the Matterhorn area, strong and brave alpine people who went around the world to climb some of the highest peaks ever known.

Valtournenche in summertime - Photo © silvia's'29
Valtournenche in summertime – Photo © silvia’s’29


Valtournenche is the Matterhorn Valley’s historical heart. During the  XIX century the first Matterhorn ascents, that signed the modern mountaineering birth, started exactly from here.

corydalis solida - Photo © Donato Arcaro, touristic and naturalistic guide of the Aosta Valley
corydalis solida – Photo © Donato Arcaro, touristic and naturalistic guide of the Aosta Valley


An unforgettable view on the “most famous pick of Europe” will charm you. Climbing and walking for any kind of skill and experience are at your choice and allow you to see many alpine animals and flowers.

Tourists can spend a quiet and pleasant holiday in an atmosphere that maintains the meaning of the mountain villages’ traditional lifestyle. A nice square dedicated to the famous mountain guides of the Matterhorn celebrates the mountaineering tradition of Valtournenche. Here, as well, you can find plenty of opportunities for enjoying your holiday, for example you can visit the “Gouffres des Busserailles”, a picturesque deep ravine dug on the roc by the Marmore river or have a pic-nic on the Champleve area. Moreover, Valtournenche allows you to ride horses, play tennis, free climbing and perform many other sports.

Where to stay in Valtournanche

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