Aida, immortal masterpiece at the Verona Arena

Aida at the Verona Arena
Aida at the Verona Arena

Maybe Giuseppe Verdi did not expect that, while in 1869 he was writing the opening pièce for the new Cairo Opera Theater. Maybe he did not expect that not even when Aida debuted on another occasion because of a delay caused by the Franco-Prussian War.

What is certain is that since its debut Aida achieved a great success and in the following decades it has been performed on the stages of all over the world, so that people only need to listen to few notes to immediately recognize it. Every year the magic of this work is repeated in the wonderful set of the Verona Arena, attracting many people wanting to get excited by the protagonists and the music of this immortal work. Also in this opera season the program of the Arena will include Aida. The first performance took place on the 10th of July, and people will have the chance to admire the splendor and richness of this work until the 3rd of September, when Aida will be performed for the last time this year.

The numbers regarding the 2011 Verona Opera Season, most notably the immortal Aida – directed by Gianfranco De Bosio and conducted by Daniel Oren, with the choreography of Susanna Egri – are enviable. Wonderful is also the scenery, a grand scenery that only a place like this can host. Set in Egypt, the story includes 4 acts, each one characterised by a majestic performance and scenery. The king will be played by Gustav Belecek, Amneris by Giovanna Casolla, Aida by Hui He, Radames by Marco Berti, Ramfis by CarloStriuli, Amonasro by Alberto Gazale, the Priestess by Antonella Trevisan, the messenger by Enzo Peroni and the prima ballerina will be Myrna Kamara. An excellent cast to play this work at best, a work that in the past was played also by Maria Callas (in 1955), and which is considered as a very demanding work for both quality and duration.

A masterpiece that in years has been played by very famous artists like Maria Callas in 1955, but also performances with other artists should be reminded, like the performance with Katia Ricciarelli and Luciano Pavarotti or with Montserrat Caballé and Placido Domingo and many other ones that have also been recorded. Out of this Verdi’s work also a film adaptation starring Sophia Loren, who was dubbed during the sung parts by singer Renata Tebaldi, has been made. But the live performance with the orchestra remains a unique experience. Verdi’s score includes 3 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 English horn, 2 clarinets, a bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, a cimbasso, timpani, triangle, clash cymbals, gongs and bass drum as far as percussion instruments are concerned, 2 harps and the entire sector of the bowed string instruments. A rich and varied orchestra that makes the performance even more unique.

An event not to miss, as in the Arena everything is made even more special, and this location gives you the chance to enjoy the pièce in the most complete and involving possible way. A unique emotion, a work that through music, dances and arias can convey a sense of patriotismFree Web Content, identification with the characters and a series of emotions that only a persona that attends this pièce can understand.

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