Casinò di Venezia: Past and Present


Originally opening in 1638, the Casinò di Venezia holds the number one spot for the world’s oldest casinò. The gorgeous structure is true to Renaissance design and is a common tourist attraction for individuals across the globe.

Taking a walk inside the grand casinò, one will find intricately carved surfaces and embellished pillars traversing immense rooms serving purposes ranging from dining to slot machines to poker.

The area surrounding the location of the Casinò di Venezia— located just north of the Lido, a long island in northeastern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea—is home to a number of festivals and international events, namely the Venice Carnival and the Venice Film Festival.


When originally converted to a casinò in 1638, it was home to controlled gambling, having originally been a wing of the Theatre Saint Moses. In its original state, the foyer (French equivalent) represented a space for patrons of the theatre to gamble during intermissions, while for the rest of the city the activity was prohibited in an organized setting.

Thus, the Casinò di Venezia in its earliest implementation has always provided haven for gambling in the light of a community activity, a socially inspired and entertaining way to incept what is now a bustling casinò with hundreds of games to play and a plethora of tables at which to dine.


There are two venues of the casinò, one being Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi in the historic district, and the other being Ca’ Noghera, close in proximity to Marco Polo airport. Between the two locations, travelers can rest assured that their gaming and dining needs will be met with extravagance that’s well worth the trip.

A nice fun fact for the lovers of 19th-century music and opera is that Richard Wagner frequented and actually lived in these halls at one point. Who knows what compositions were penned in the same place you may stand!

Current Operations

The Casinò di Venezia still hosts a number of events in addition to its everyday dining and gambling offerings. The casinò offers both French and American games, ranging from the French classics roulette and chemin de fer to the American-inspired games of Texas Hold’em and blackjack. However, the traditional games are coupled with the electronic in this massive gambling center, which boasts more than 600 slot machine games.

As far as hosting tournaments, the Casinò di Venezia offers a wide range of competitive settings for any player of any specific game. In fact, the Casinò di Venezia was the site of the World Poker Tour Venice Carnival Tournament and it was hosted by Gioco Digitale, which is home to GD Casinò, among other gaming options. Gioco Digitale happens to be the first online gambling site in Italy, and the fact that it hosted the WPT Venice Carnival at the Casinò di Venezia, the world’s oldest casinò, makes for a nice little duet of firsts in the gambling world!

In addition to the big tournaments, the Casinò di Venezia hosts a number of proprietary tournaments that vary by day of the week and changes its offerings up every month. If you’re in the area and would like a great bite to eat, check out the Richard Wagner-inspired restaurant or the pizzeria for some deliciously strange offerings. If you’re not feeling all that hungry, pick a spot at the charcuterie bar, get a fancy snack, snag another drink and head on to the tables!

As a prime location for fun and food in the city of Venice, don’t forget to take a nice long walk through both locations of the Casinò di Venezia both for historical and luxurious purposes!

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