Verona, a city for all tastes

Verona – Photo ©
Verona – Photo ©

Verona is one of the most important tourist cities not only of the region Veneto, but of whole Italy, and can offer a lot to tourists, from different points of view.

One of the most appreciated Italian travel destinations, Verona is one of those cities that can really satisfy everyone, and the variety of the tourist offer is certainly one of the strengths of this beautiful city.

The most famous attraction in Verona, which is become the symbol of the city, is probably the arena, which attracts tourists not only for its historic, artistic and architectonic importance, but also because every year it hosts one of the most emotional and famous opera season in Italy. The amphitheatre, which dates back to the 1st century, is one of the examples of recreational roman architecture that has best preserved, and it is also the third bigger roman amphitheatre in Italy (after the Capua amphitheatre and the Coliseum, of course), and nowadays it is visited by many tourists every year. A visit to the city must include a visit to the arena, but the city also has many other monuments and buildings that are worth a visit, like the roman theatre, which dates back to the 1st century B.C., and the two roman doors of the 1st century A.D. (Porta Borsari and Porta Leoni) and the bridge Ponte Pietra, which is also roman. There are also Middle-Ages monuments, like the basilica of San Zeno, the homonymous abbey and the cathedral, which is also called Santa Maria Matricolare.

The list of valuable buildings and monuments of the city might be even longer, but Verona has also other aces in the hole. One reason why the city is famous is for the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, which is set in Verona. Thanks to this Shakespeare play, which has made the story of the two young people and of their thwarted but absolute love go down in history, Verona is considered the city of lovers, the favourite travel destination for the couples that want to celebrate an important anniversary or that simply want to visit the famous Juliet’s balcony.

Art city and lovers city, then. What else? Verona is also a lively city as far as culture is concerned, and it hosts many important events. As mentioned above, the arena hosts the famous opera festival, a must for all those who have a passion for opera, but the amphitheater is also home to other music genres. In the past artists like Radiohead, Björk, Elton John and many other performed on its stage.

And this is not all: Verona and its surroundings are the ideal travel destination also for nature lovers, thanks to the proximity of the city to the beautiful Lake Garda and the surrounding hills, not to mention the bike paths along the river Adige. Moreover, the most famous Italian amusement park, Gardaland, rises near the Lake Garda, and this makes Verona a perfect destination also for families whit children.

Last but not least, Verona is part of an excellent area as far as wine is concerned: 10 out of 22 DOC wines of the region Veneto, in addition to both the Docg wines of the region, are produced on the hills near Verona, and wines like Valpolicella, Soave and Bardolino, just to make few examples, need no introduction.

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