Verona, the little Florence

Juliet Balcony
Juliet Balcony

Verona, also known as the “little Florence”, is a wonderful city in the north east part of Italy. Verona is the 4th most visited city in Italy, after Rome, Florence, and Venice. Verona is designed by the UNESCO as World Heritage as “an outstanding example of a town that has developed progressively and uninterruptedly over two thousand years”.  Thus, Verona is definitely worthy of booking a hotel and spending here at least a weekend. There are many different “cities” in Verona. You can experience the Roman Verona, with its marvelous world-famous Arena and the Roman theater. Both of them still used for opera and music concerts nowadays. There is the medieval Verona, with its beautiful buildings built by its powerful lords such as the old castle “Castel Vecchio” with its fortified bridge on the river. The Shakespeare Verona, famous in the world thanks to the love story between Romeo and Juliet told by Shakespeare. You can visit the Juliet’s house and see the famous balcony. Moreover, several Shakespeare’s theatre stage plays are played in the wonderful roman theater location during the summer. The Austrian Verona, with its huge fortified walls and many fortresses, is magnificent example of the fortified cities built during the 19th centuries wars.

You can experience and enjoy all these “Veronas” from the hills nearby the city center, a wonderful view during the day and the night. Anyway, the Verona compact city center allows you to easily enjoy the whole old town simply booking any hotel nearby. Everything is at walk distance. Verona is famous in the world for the Opera and its exhibitions such as the wine exhibition “Vinitaly” and the International Horse Fair and Exhibition.

During the summer the best orchestras and singers, in the wonderful and evocative Roman Arena, play the most famous Italian operas such as the Aida, Nabucco, Tosca, Carmen, Rigoletto, gathering spectators from all around the world. All year long, there are several international exhibitions held in Verona.

The “Vinitaly” is the best and most known Italian wine exhibition, and the Horse Fair “Fiera Cavalli” is one of the biggest and world famous exhibition of equestrian activities and equipment. Due to the large number of visitors, there are several hotels nearby Verona Fair. Night life is exciting in Verona as well.

The Lake of Garda nearby Verona, is one of the hottest nightlife area in Italy during the summer. Several clubs, restaurants, and wonderful walkways where to have fun with your friends or your family. Moreover, Gardaland, one of the most popular theme park in Europe, is here for the happiness of kids and roller-coaster fans.

There are plenty of hotels in the Lake of Garda area which can fit all your needs regarding costs and activities. As you can see, Verona offers a lotArticle Search, many different things in many different areas. Do you want enjoy the Opera? Visit an exhibition? Spend you time having fun on the lake side? A very good website where to find the Verona hotels which best fits your needs. Here you can find the different hotels in the different Verona hot areas.

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